Gus Cooney.

The liking gap in groups and teams


Mastroianni, A.
Cooney, G.
Boothby, E. J., Reece, A.G.


Mastroianni, A.* , Cooney, G*., Boothby, E. J., Reece, A.G. (2021) The liking gap in groups and teams. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. 62, 109-122.

In this manuscript, published in organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, we extended the liking gap to groups and teams, showing once again that people mistakenly believed that they liked their group members more than their group members liked them—even believing that they were uniquely disliked among their group members. Several additional experiments explored the potential implications of the liking gap by surveying engineering teams as well as a large sample of working adults. Results indicate that the liking gap was related to several important organizational outcomes, such as how comfortable people felt asking their teammates for help, how effectively teams worked together, and even how satisfied people felt with their jobs.

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